Wordpress Development

Creating a Day Counter Web App Using WordPress REST API

by Erik Briones | October 3, 2018

Last week I thought about building a simple Day Counter Web App that will run on WordPress. The proposed app requires a user to fill in fields anonymously via front-end. Therefore I thought about using the WordPress REST API (https://developer.wordpress.org/rest-api/) plus simple HTML forms to input and “post”.

In my mind, it will take about 10 hours to build. However, it took longer or will take me longer.

I will add more details when I can, but so far I have spent about 8 hours already and I have just finished the following

– Create a Custom Post Type
– Add a Custom Meta-Type for the Custom Post Type
– Frontend input fields are able to Post to the CPT
– Some necessary computations/logic

I still need to do:
– Design the User Interface
– Implement it into HTML and Theme
– Finish the computation/logic part
– Create a randomized URL for the post ( /xyzxyz/ for each new post).

I intend to create a realtime video while I am building it, but I feel like since it takes to long, I might as well prepare and build it first.
I should then create a tutorial video after.

This personal project is my step coming back into building WordPress Themes, and acquaint myself with the fun world of WP programming. 🙂
I enjoyed searching again on codex.wordpress stackoverflow and numerous blogs. WP Rest API personally is new to me.

I will share more when I have something concrete to share.