ThinkMarkets - Japan

When I initially started at ThinkMarkets, this was my major project. The core purpose of this initiative was to lightly differentiate the branding for ThinkMarkets's Japanese website to match local preferences.


Develop a brand persona that is appropriate for the Japanese market, without losing sight of the global ThinkMarkets brand. Creation of website design, components and images is needed, in addition to a set of icons that align with the local market aesthetics.


I was the designer task to create the visual part of the project. I receive wireframes from our UI/UX team and then discuss with them how we go about the pages. I created the header banners, stickers, and other elements on the site



‍The typeface chosen was Noto Sans JP - generic Japanese font that can be found on Google. This is for ease of use, as well as for maintenance.


‍The colors used are a slightly more saturated set taken from the main TM brand identity. High saturation blues, yellows, red  and greens were added.


The overall idea of this project was to give it a slightly more Asian / Japanese feel to the website as well as other marketing collaterals that support it.