That Tuition Café

TTC is a website and app where students or their parents can book classes / tuition outside of the school . They needed a website plus style guide for an existing mobile app.


Revamp the overall look and feel of the website and branding. The final design look and feel will also be implemented on the interface of the mobile app.

Key objectives: Make the look and feel friendly and trustworthy. It should be exciting for the student to use while maintaining simplicity and usability.


I was the solo designer for the project. I met with the client and noted the type of brand they want to showcase. I created the new color scheme, as they previously only had one - midnight purple.



‍The typeface I chose for this project is Work Sans. It is a free Google font which is also good to use as an interface for the app. I was anticipating that the app will have very small text in some case. Therefore I needed to have a font that will look good even in small sizes.


‍The colors are an extension of the Midnight Blue and White colors that they had before. I research and tested which colors work well with the midnight blue, while keeping it in line with the overall look and feel.


The layout is basic 1140px grids and spacing are standard from Bootstrap as well. I added some offsets and overlapping sections to give a feeling of parallax and off-grid layouts.


The overall idea of this project was to make it fun, simple and easy to use.