Gulf News App

Following the successful roll-out of the Gulf News website, our focus shifted to the creation of the Gulf News application.


Before the current app, we actually made a quick one with a slightly different approach. The stakeholders decided for us to go with a totally different approach from the previous app and start from scratch. The project involves connecting the feed from the website CMS to a new Gulf News app. This involves a revamp of all modules and screens for the site. Also, the previous mobile app look and feel was updated for a more seamless experience between the app and the website. 


I was the solo designer for the project. I researched and gathered references from other news apps that are doing well, and have good user experience, and cater to approximately the same target audience. I created the wireframes, mocked up the screens in Figma, and handed it over to the dev team. I also created the icons for submitting as well as the other artwork required by the App  store and Play store. 

Our app was chosen as "App of the Month" on the App store, so I was tasked to create new graphical materials for it as well.



The "version2" of the revamped Gulf News app was made to be simple and very easy to use. We scrapped the previous experimental approach and again went with the basics of a news mobile app.

The colors used was taken from the same UI Style Guide I created for the Gulf News website, and even more minimal.