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Podcasts that I am listening to right now. Life, Design, and Business

by Erik Briones | March 6, 2020

Podcasts have been around for a while now. But I have not really followed or listened to them as frequently as I have been in the past year. Before, most podcasts I know of are just random, blog-like, or very special-interest topics.

Now I am listening to podcasts with real intent. Like to really learn something from it. Most of my picks are design related, then there’s an anything-under-the-sun type, and business.

Here’s my list:

The Boagworld show

The Boagworld Show podcast

Paul Boag and his friends have been around for about 15 years now! Can you believe that? I also read most of his blog and works, he is a known person in the web design industry. What I like about his show is that he has guests, some or most of them don’t know the topic, they are just random or goes with the flow.

Design Life

DesignLife podcast by designers Charli Prangley and Femke Van Schoonhover

The Design Life by Charli and Femke. I came to know of the designer Charli Prangley first from her Youtube videos – CharliMarieTv. I really like her style. She’s very humble and talks in a simple language that is easily digestible by both seasoned designers as well as those that are new and learning the industry of web design.

The HelloMamsir Show

The HelloMamsir Show, by Filipino designers based in Dubai UAE

This one is a happy accident. I also learned about them first from Youtube. This podcast is run by Filipino designers in Dubai (UAE). It is, I think, the only Filipino podcast I listen to because for me it is very well done. They keep it fun and open yet somehow there is a structure. Not to mention that since I am also Filipino, their life or day-to-day experiences are very much relatable to me.

The Logo Geek Podcast

The Logo Geek Podcst with Ian Paget

The Logo Geek Podcast is one that I really searched for. I had a logo project at one point and I was looking for a Podcast that will guide me on the process, the correct process of how pros do it.

This last one is actually my number one. The one podcast I listen to 80% of the time. While I am doing my morning walk, sometimes while driving, or during lunchtime. I am not a business person but somehow this resonates with me more. Plus the fact that it is done by mr jeffstaple of Hypebeast makes it classic, OG, and current at the same time.

This is the Business of Hype.

The Business of Hype

The Business of Hype podcast from Hypebeast Radio hosted by jeffstaple.

I don’t think an explanation in words will be good enough. Just have a listen and you will get what I mean. From the intro music to the narrations and the interview of top designers in various industries. It is not a mystery why I pick this as my number one, and you might too.

That’s it for me! What’s your favourite podcast or Youtube channel?