Wordpress Development

I have now moved my development environment to Visual Studio Code

by Erik Briones | February 29, 2020

This weekend I was able to install Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (vscode) on my Mac and was able to try to edit stuff and upload it to my live server.

I have been meaning to shift from Dreamweaver for a long time. I technically use Dreamweaver only for its Site and FTP capabilities. I am currently trying to replicate these functionalities in VSCode.

So far I have already set up SFTP and actually put in the my live credentials sand tried uploading a file.

The difference between Dreamweaver and VSCode

The difference between the two applications is huge. VSCode is open source, and it comes initially just as a “shell”. You need to install Extensions to it so it becomes more powerful and useful. Dreamweaver is usable out of the box and comes in with a ton of features.

However, as I went along, my VSCode set up became more and more catered to my usage of it. Which is to develop in WordPress.

So I Googled a lot of blogs and Youtube videos, looking for a guide for a typical WordPress Development environment in VSCode.

I got a few of them installed now – HTML CSS Support, HTML Snippets, PHP Debug, PHP DocBlocker, and WP Snippets. There are others I just can’t remember now.

Well, that’s it for me. It’s 7am as I am writing this. I also started my daily routine again of waking up at 5am and do some 30 – 45 minutes of normal walking around our area. Little steps to better code, little steps to better health.