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Will Figma work on an iPad?

I asked that same question to myself a while ago. Will Figma work on an iPad or tablet? Is it a good set up or workflow to do your creative stuff on a mobile-ish device? Those questions got me researching the possibility of creating designs in Figmale from a mobile phone or a tablet. I […]

Podcasts that I am listening to right now. Life, Design, and Business

Podcasts have been around for a while now. But I have not really followed or listened to them as frequently as I have been in the past year. Before, most podcasts I know of are just random, blog-like, or very special-interest topics. Now I am listening to podcasts with real intent. Like to really learn […]

Huddle up – Old school, but effective collaboration technique.

I consider today as a win for our product team. We are going to present our initial draft/mockups – an updated look on one of our main modules for the website. I have been working on them for a couple of days now. The smaller team within the product team consists of me, the User […]

Storyboarding is important for clarity, and for brainstorming

Today my codesigner was tasked to create campaign materials for International Women’s Day. One of the tasks was to create motion graphics for social media with some copy and numbers. My role is just to see if what she is building is consistent with the brand. A few minutes after we had been given the […]

I have now moved my development environment to Visual Studio Code

This weekend I was able to install Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (vscode) on my Mac and was able to try to edit stuff and upload it to my live server. I have been meaning to shift from Dreamweaver for a long time. I technically use Dreamweaver only for its Site and FTP capabilities. I am […]

Finally got to use SCSS, and learned using it

I have heard about CSS preprocessors SCSS and LESS for a long time and even tinkered with it. In Bootstrap, there was a LESS (i think) folder which I tried to edit, but I did not really quite get it. Until today, when I actually used it in a personal project. I made my design […]