Hello, I'm Erik Briones

I am a Web/UI designer with over 14 years experience in helping companies build Wordpress websites, design Mobile apps, as well as setup Email (EDM) and Banner campaigns.

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Welcome to the all-new Erik Briones Web Studio

Finally, I got to upload my own custom-built Wordpress theme for my own website. Would you believe that? I have created countless Wordpress websites with "hand-crafted" themes, yet - I have not made one for myself. Until now. :D


Image aspect ratio and why it is important

When designing your website and when discussing the types of photos your website should accommodate the most common question that pops out is “what image aspect ratio are we using?” I personally have heard it countless times. Especially when the site I am designing have User Generated Content (UCG) or are News websites. What is […]

Email Campaigns

Using Conditional Statements for Emailers

Creating emailers (HTML mailers) is a bit more challenging than creating straightforward HTML/CSS pages. In HTML/CSS pages developers worry about the consistency of how browsers render the code.
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